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      —— 朗菲電氣·您的首選! ——

      相序保護器系列 時間繼電器 溫度控制器 電動機保護器 交流接觸器系列 熱過載繼電器系列 整流器系列 高低壓電氣元器件


      適用范圍 Applicable scope


             CM-PAS three-phase ac protection relay has the advantages of resistance to pressure, low volume, light weight and so on.Phase and phase fault can be correctly detected to protect the motor immediately, red indicator light (in case of inductive load), yellow indicator light.Extinguish, after troubleshooting, self-reset, yellow indicator light, red indicator light out, (return to normal state). For motor startup moment.The CM-PAS three-phase ac protection relay has a strong adaptability, and thus ensures the normal operation of the system.

      產品特點 Product features







      ◆The same can be completely substituted for the structure of the schneider RM4T.

      ◆Small and small, guide rail installation.

      ◆Lack of phase protection

      ◆Reverse phase protection

      ◆The three phase voltage is unbalanced.

      ◆The contact form: two open and two closed.

      應用場合 Applications


             Products are widely used in: central air conditioning, crane, refrigeration equipment, compressor, distribution box elevator, various (passenger, cargo) elevators,Crane, driving, machine tools, controller equipment and other industrial equipment.

      主要技術參數 The main technical parameters


      外形及安裝尺寸 Appearance and mounting dimensions


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