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      —— 朗菲電氣·您的首選! ——

      相序保護器系列 時間繼電器 溫度控制器 電動機保護器 交流接觸器系列 熱過載繼電器系列 整流器系列 高低壓電氣元器件


      適用范圍 Applicable scope

             RM3-TG30系列電壓相序多功能保護器(又稱三相電源監視器、相序保護器、相序繼電器等)主要用于交流50/60Hz,額定電壓500V以下,工業三相220V、380V、440V、460V、500V等電壓級別的各種故障檢測,對三相輸入電源的缺相、逆相(相序)、三相電壓不平衡等提供繼電保護,產品廣泛應用于空壓機、電動機、配電箱、水泵、油泵、中央空調機組、電控箱、配電柜、起重機等,如中央空調壓縮機保護,各種電梯的電源監視,水泵、油泵防缺相、逆相保護等,是工業設備運行中維護設備工作電壓正常的不可缺少的保護產品。本產品符合GB14048.5-2001 EQV IEC60947-1:1999標準。

             RM3-TG30 series voltage phase sequence multifunction protectors (also known as three-phase power monitor, phase sequence protector, phase sequence relay, etc.).To communicate 50/60hz, rated voltage 500V, industrial three-phase 220V, 380V, 440V, 460V, 500V and other voltages.All kinds of fault detection of the three-phase input power supply, such as phase phase, phase sequence, three-phase voltage imbalance, etc., provide relay protection and wide range of products.Apply to air compressor, motor, distribution box, water pump, pump, central air conditioning unit, electric control box, power distribution cabinet, crane, etc.Central air-conditioning 

      compressor protection, all kinds of elevator power monitoring, water pump, oil pump anti - phase, inverse phase protection, is the industrial equipment operation maintenance.The indispensable protection product for the normal working voltage of the equipment. This product conforms to GB14048.5-2001 EQV IEC60947-.1:19 99 standard.

      產品特點 Product features




      ◆Installation method: this protector base adopts the guide type, and two M4 screw holes are installed, which can be installed directly independently or in HT35 guide rail (for example).With direct installation, the bottom side of the product should be pushed out.

      ◆Indicator light: the indicators are indicated by five indicators: normal, missing phase (voltage three-phase imbalance), inverse phase, overpressure, and undervoltage.

      ◆External dimensions: 79mm*23mm*79mm.

      主要技術參數 The main technical parameters


      外形及安裝尺寸 Appearance and mounting dimensions


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