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      —— 朗菲電氣·您的首選! ——

      相序保護器系列 時間繼電器 溫度控制器 電動機保護器 交流接觸器系列 熱過載繼電器系列 整流器系列 高低壓電氣元器件


      適用范圍 Applicable scope

             本缺相、相序保護器是一種應用大規模數字集成電路、無變壓器設計的新型高科技專利產品(獨家生產,如有雷同純屬仿冒)。通用性強(3Ph 220V~380V、460V~660V 50Hz/60Hz均可使用),體積超小,外觀非常漂亮,是取代施耐德相序保護器(RM4-TG20)、ABB、西門子、歐姆龍(OMROM)及其它國產相序保護器(XJ3、XJ5...系列)最理想的產品。

             The missing phase and phase sequence protector is a new high-tech patented product with large scale digital integrated circuit and no transformer esign.Production, if any, is a knockoff. Strong universality (3Ph 220V ~ 380V, 460V ~ 660V 50Hz/60Hz can be used), body.The product is very small and very beautiful. It is the replacement of the schneider phase protector (rm4-tg), ABB, Siemens, omron (OMROM).And other domestic phase sequence protectors (XJ3, XJ5... Series) ideal product.

      保護特點 Characteristics of protection





      1. Dynamic missing phase and static lack of phase protection: when the protected equipment is in operation or non-operating state, any phase failure occurs. Refers to theThe lamp form is: red light, and priority;

      2. False protection: one kind of protection measures to prevent the communication power supply in L1, L2 and L3. Instant action. The indicator light is yellow.The light;

      3. Voltage imbalance protection: the protection of a voltage unbalance rate that will affect the safe operation of the equipment will be affected by the unbalanced three-phase voltage. Voltage imbalanceThe rate is above 8%. The indicator light is in the form of: absence of red light, and priority;

      4. Delay protection: the monitor is delayed for 1~2 seconds after the failure occurs, and the relay is released;

      性能特點 Characteristics of performance



      3.本產品符合GB/T 14048.1-2000、GB14048.5-2001 eqv IEC60947-1:1999;


      1. The protection function of the monitor is not affected by the current size of the circuit or load, impact current, unbalanced current and load nature. Can all sexAbility to work long term. The power consumption is not greater than 2W;

      2. No requirement for motor connection mode when used for motor protection;

      3. The product conforms to GB/T 14048.1-2000, GB14048.5-2001 eqv iec60947-1:99;

      4. The EMC of this product conforms to the measurement method and allowable value of GB4343-1995 radio interference characteristics.

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