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      —— 朗菲電氣·您的首選! ——

      相序保護器系列 時間繼電器 溫度控制器 電動機保護器 交流接觸器系列 熱過載繼電器系列 整流器系列 高低壓電氣元器件


      適用范圍 Applicable scope


             CJX2E series AC contactors (simplified AC contactor in the following)are suitable for using 50Hz or 60Hz rated rated voltage up to 660V rated current up to 95A. It is mainly used for making/breaking electric circuits ata long distance and for frequent starting/stopping and control AC motors. Com-bined with the auxiliary contact group, air delayer, machine inter locking device etc. It is combined  into the delay contactor. Mechanicat inter locking contactor startriangle starter with the thermal relay.lt is

      combinde into the tle electromagnetic starter mechanical.

      型號及其含義 Model and its meaning


      主要技術參數 The main technical parameters


      正常工作條件和安裝條件 Normal working conditions and installation conditions








      ◇ The ambient air temperature is: -5℃ ~ +40℃, 24hours its average does not exceed +35℃.

      ◇ Elevation: no more than 2000 meters.

      ◇ Atmospheric conditions: At +40℃ when the relative humidity of not more than 50%, at a lower temperature can have a higher relative humidity, the wettest month average minimum temperature does not exceed +25℃, the average monthly maximum relative Humidity does not exceed 90%. And consider the occurrence of temperature due to condensation on the product.

      ◇ Pollution Level: 3 level.

      ◇ Installation category: III category.

      ◇ Installation Conditions: the installation surface and the vertical slope of more than ± 50°.

      ◇ Shock Vibration: The product should be installed and used where there is no significant shaking, shock and vibration.

      外形及安裝尺寸 Shape and installation dimensions



      訂貨須知 Ordering instructions







      When ordering, you must point out:

      ○ Contactor complete model name.

      ○ Rated operating voltage and frequency of coil.

      ○ Order number.

      ○ If you need to order the standard rail, please specify separately.

      Order example: CJX2E-09 coil voltage 220V, 50Hz, 10 units.


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