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      —— 朗菲電氣·您的首選! ——

      相序保護器系列 時間繼電器 溫度控制器 電動機保護器 交流接觸器系列 熱過載繼電器系列 整流器系列 高低壓電氣元器件


      適用范圍 Applicable scope



             GMC(LS) series AC contactors are latest products in 1990's. The series of products for fre-quency of 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690-1000V,rated operational current up to 9A-400A at rated operational voltage up to 380V under AC-3. GMC Series AC Contactors are mainly used for making breakin electric circuits at a long istance and for frequent starting  stopping and reve-rsing control of AC motors.

             Products comply with IEC947. VDE0660, GB14048.

      型號及其含義 Model and its meaning


      主要技術參數 The main technical parameters


      正常工作條件和安裝條件 Normal working conditions and installation conditions









      ◇ The ambient air temperature is: -5℃ ~ +40℃, 24hours its average does not exceed +35℃.

      ◇ Elevation: no more than 2000 meters.

      ◇ Atmospheric conditions: At +40℃ when the relative humidity of not more than 50%, at a lower temperature can have a higher relative humidity, the

       wettest month average minimum temperature does not exceed +25℃, the average monthly maximum relative Humidity does not exceed 90%. And 

       consider the occurrence of temperature due to condensation on the product.

      ◇ Pollution Level: 3 level.

      ◇ Installation category: III category.

      ◇ Installation Conditions: the installation surface and the vertical slope of more than±50°.

      ◇ Shock Vibration: The product should be installed and used where there is no significant shaking, shock and vibration.

      外形及安裝尺寸 Shape and installation dimensions



      訂貨須知 Ordering instructions







      When ordering, you must point out:

      ○ Contactor complete model name.

      ○ Rated operating voltage and frequency of coil.

      ○ Order number.

      ○ If you need to order the standard rail, please specify separately.

      Order example: GMC(LS)-09 coil voltage 220V, 50Hz, 10 units.

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